Marketing that promotes a very wide range of goals

Some marketing disciplines are highly specialized and cannot ensure that their effects are felt only in the right circumstances. On the contrary, there is marketing that contributes to a very wide range of goals.

Establish and enrich brand perception:

  • Increase your fame.
  • Give him a measurement.
  • Give brand identity.
  • Make sense of the desire to purchase a product.
  • Soften, include in the background its commercial character.
  • Establish confidence in the sector.
  • Develop brand affinity.
  • Position him as a benchmark, leader in his sector.
  • Educate the market about the problem and its solutions.
  • Establish and maintain a frequent or ongoing communication relationship between the brand and the customer.

Contributing directly to sales growth.

  • Attract and identify new perspectives.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Improve the experience before buying at the point of sale.
  • Promote positive word of mouth
  • Enrich product experience.
  • Advice on the use of the product to increase its degree of satisfaction and the volume or frequency of the purchase.
  • Change the use and expand the range of use of the product.
  • Increase customer loyalty.

Advertising campaigns operate for a specific purpose.

Marketing content is always present. He fills the silence of advertising communication and maintains relations with the consumer at any time.

Marketing is a technique for creating content that will be useful, relevant and consistent in order to attract a specific audience to a brand, service or product.

Marketing is a long-term investment.

Product content on the Internet today is necessary to stay in the market. It is important to remain accessible to all those who want to consult and get advice from you.

It is not uncommon for marketing when a certain product has renewed interest a few months or even several years after an advertising campaign. Therefore, it is also important to distribute marketing materials all the time.

Affiliate Marketing Definition.

Partnership is the engagement of a partnership strategy between a trading site (advertiser or affiliate site) and another site (partner or publisher site). The advertiser chooses his partner depending on the traffic (the number of unique visitors and the number of page views); and / or the relevance of its content (the nature of the information that is posted on the network).

Affiliate marketing works as follows:

the branch provides an advertising space to the advertiser, places banners on the site, sending it by e-mail to the registration base or relying on the advertiser’s product catalog.

The advertiser pays the partner a reward in proportion to his business contribution. In this context, the affiliate platform is a trusted intermediary between the two parties.


The main objective of the partnership is to increase the visibility of the advertiser, relying on a network of affiliated sites in order to receive the execution of an action – attraction on the site. The advertiser can pay partners for various types of actions performed:

  • click, registration on its form
  • check in
  • information request,
  • purchase of goods
  • subscription or service

The partnership therefore offers advertisers the opportunity to generate traffic, develop their databases and consider sales growth by increasing sales.

Setting up a partnership program is unlikely to require an initial investment from the advertiser. The cost of the partnership program, that is, the remuneration associated with the advertiser, is proportional to the success of the program itself, therefore, to its profitability.

Attract a partner

A partner’s interest in your program is guided by factors that are difficult for him and you to act in the short term. On the other hand, there are levers with which you can act.

Speed reaction.

At a time when everything is going faster and faster, it is important to respond quickly. The variety of broadcast platforms and their simplicity today allows for any reason, broadcast without delay marketing related content to attract an increasing number of customers and retain old ones.